Monochrome Mondays

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A must see exhibit at the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa FL. is the Borneo Orangutans. They are so interesting to watch, especially the little ones when they are climbing and swinging from the mounted ropes.  This mother kept a close eye on her baby but seemed to be contemplating how nice it was to have a quiet moment to herself.




Marie Selby Gardens Mermaid

I have photographed the Mermaid in a small pool at Marie Selby Gardens in Sarasota numerous times but, on this particular day it was a little more of a challenge.  Over the past couple of years the plants surrounding the Mermaid have become overgrown and are in major need of a trim.  Normally you can get a nice photo with a waterfall flowing a small distance behind her without too much kneeling or squatting involved. Unfortunately for my body that wasn’t the case this trip.