Monochrome Mondays

Today is the beginning of a new weekly blog that will feature only Monochrome/ Black and White photos.  Since starting my 52-week photo themed blog I have begun following a number of Monochrome blogs.  I really enjoy the detail and contrast that a Monochrome photo brings out.  I decided to branch out and try my luck at one too.

Arcadia, FL. is a small town located in DeSoto County with an estimated population of 8,000 residents.  Small towns have gone through a lot of transition the last 20 or 30 years with the loss of Mom and Pop grocery stores, pharmacies and Five and Dimes to name just a few from my generation.  Strip malls and mega malls have taken business away from  once thriving downtowns.  Either downtowns die off or the community leaders look for a niche to keep it thriving.  Arcadia has found that niche with streets lined with antique shops, gift shops and cafes.  Once a month they host an antique extravaganza that brings in vendors and shoppers from all over.

One day along with a few friends, we strolled through Arcadia’s streets taking in the sites, checking out the shops, ate a delicious lunch and found numerous photographic opportunities.