Monochrome Mondays


UFO Light

One of the buildings in downtown Sarasota has a covered circular drive to go in the main entrance.  An unusual circular light is mounted in the middle of the circle.  After converting it to B&W I decided it reminded me of a UFO Light, reminiscent of the 1977 Science Fiction movie starring Richard Dryefuss “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”.





A week ago I joined a group of fellow photographers for a Black and White photo workshop in downtown Sarasota.  I enjoy hanging out with all levels of photographers  and learning something new.  I have Canon equipment and the majority of times shoot my images in raw.  With a little change in the menu settings you can also shoot in jpg. choosing for those images be seen in Black and White after they have been shot.  For those non photographers out there,  shooting in raw allows you to make the changes in post processing instead of the camera making the changes if shot in jpg.  I felt like a whole new world had been opened up for me, it was so exciting to see the photo right away and not have to imagine what it would look like, or wait until I got home and worked on it in post processing.  To process the image to Black and White you still use the raw file, which is in color, making all the adjustments you prefer.

I enjoyed capturing this photo of the single Abrovitae growing behind the wall of this incredible house with the magnificent cloud streams in the sky.



Momma Lemur and baby

This past week I was invited to visit the Lemur Conservation Foundation located near Mayakka City, FL. in Manatee County.  The foundation was established in 1997 and have  accumulated 120 acres of forest to house their facility.  Approximately 56 lemurs of different varieties live in two 10 acre forests surrounded by a 13 foot fence.  It was an amazing experience to photograph two species, the ring-tailed and red-cuffed.

This female ring-tailed Lemur was named Ansell.  She is 18 years old and had one male baby just over a month ago. The little guy was either nursing or on her back the entire time we were there.

Lemur Mother and baby