Monochrome Mondays


Contemporary House

About a month ago in my post Abrovitae you could see this house from a different view.  I don’t know the history of the house, who designed it or when but, with its white exterior and immense curved wall of glass squares, it provided me with some interesting photographic opportunities.  Once again, the clouds were amazing that day.




Bijou Cafe

This weeks photo takes us back to downtown Sarasota.   The streaked clouds were so amazing that morning for such a short period of time and I tried to get as many shots in as possible.   This image of The Bijou Cafe wouldn’t have been nearly as interesting with out them.

Carolyn Eliason Bijou Cafe


Lotus Flower

This is the second year in a row I went with some friends to visit a local park in Sarasota that has a small pond filled with beautiful large white Lotus flowers.  Last year we met the woman who had first planted them and she told us it only took a few years for the flowers to branch out and fill the pond.  We have been experiencing a drought so the pond was very low and the flowers were fewer in numbers.  Hopefully when our rainy season starts they will come to life again.  I enjoyed the morning and thought this particular photo would look nice in B&W.