Monochrome Mondays



Several towns we visited during our River Cruise in 2016 had umbrellas strung overhead between buildings casting shadows on the small lanes as we passed underneath.  I can’t remember where this photo was taken, but it was a beautiful day and the umbrellas were a luscious shade of yellow, a beautiful contrast to the bright blue sky with a hint of clouds.  Switching to Black and White brought out the shadows and details of the display.




The Carlyle

The Carlyle, a 39 story luxury condo in the Mill district of Minneapolis, was built in 2007.  Units start at $350,000 to over $4 million offering impressive views of downtown along with 5 star amenities.  The historic Stone Arch Bridge, built in 1883 over the Mississippi River, offers additional interest to the scene.  Something new and something old.


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Papa Lemur

Back in May of last year I posted a photo of a Mother Lemur with a baby.  There were several males in the “Conspiracy of Lemurs”, yes a group is called Conspiracy, that I was able to photograph.  They sit upright either on the ground or like this one in a tree.  I find them quite comical to watch.  The device around its neck is a transmitter that all adults wear so the facility can keep track of where they are in the Conservation area.