Monochrome Mondays


Stone Arch Bridge

I have spoken of and included parts of the Stone Arch Bridge on this blog and my 52 Week with Carolyn blog.  The Stone Arch Bridge in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota is a former railroad bridge that crosses the Mississippi River.  It was completed in 1883 at a cost of $650,000 by James J. Hill one of many railroad tycoons of his day.

Today it is used primarily as a bike and walking path. This view is facing East and it captures the old Pillsbury A-Mill Plant that was built in 1881 and operated until 2003.  In 2013 it was converted to 251 loft apartments.






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Cumil the Sewer Worker

Cumil the Sewer Worker has become one of Bratislavia, Slovakias most famous statues   located in the old town district.  He was installed in 1997 along with other statues to provide fun and art to the post Communist -era.

He sits right in the middle of the sidewalk near a corner, you can not miss him.  He has been known however to cause more than a few unaware pedestrians to take a tumble over him.



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Street Art/Graffiti

The first Wednesday of a month Leanne Cole a photographer from Australia has a new Monochrome Challenge in her Blog The Photographer’s Mentor,

The theme this month is Street Art/Graffiti.  I found my contribution in Europe.  A very old original Street Art.