Monochrome Mondays



Several weeks ago I spent part of a week in Baldwin, LA.  Everyday I walked on a road that crossed a small stream which provided this view of a footbridge crossing the stream before it reached a Bayou.




Mt. Rushmore

A trip through Custer State Park, in South Dakota is breathtaking and at several picturesque spots you can stop and view Mt. Rushmore.  You must visit and see Mt. Rushmore at the designated park and viewing points but, it is just as spectacular from a distance.



Slave Cabin Window San Francisco Plantation

While on a road trip to Baldwin, Louisiana with some friends we stopped for a tour of the San Francisco Plantation, A National Historic Landmark in Garyville, Louisiana.

The Plantation was built in 1856 directly beside the Mississippi River.  Today a modern earthen levee protects the Plantation and its surrounding restored buildings which sit on 7 acres in the middle of a Marathon Petroleum Facility.  Marathon purchased the Plantation and has spent thousands of dollars restoring and re-furnishing it.  A restored school house and slave quarters are on the property and provide visitors with a stark reminder of our nations historical past.

I love the simplicity of the cedar siding and screened window.


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Selby Public Library

The Selby Public Library was the first library in Sarasota County, Florida that was established in 1907.  Located on 1st Street in downtown Sarasota the building was designed by architect Eugene Aubry and constructed in 1998.  The large bottom heavy columns support and grace the outside of the building, providing large shaded porticos .