Monochrome Mondays



In a little more than 12 hours, we will be saying goodbye to 2018 and welcome in the New Year, 2019.  The New Year always causes us to reflect upon times gone by. How many times during a lifetime have we wished time could stand still and enjoy a certain moment just a little bit longer?   I know I have and always, always time marches on.  Not that many New Years Eve’s stand out to me but, I do remember December 31, 1999.  A whole new century was upon us and my how quickly that century has gone by.  Eighteen years of love, loss, new family and friends, adventures, jobs and homes. The list is endless.

As the clock ticks closer and closer to midnight, I wish you and your loved ones a very Happy New Year! ūüéä




Santa Ornament

Several weeks back in my 52 Weeks with Carolyn blog, I talked about my collection of Santa’s. ¬†For the first Christmas my husband and I were together after our marriage in 1972, like most newlyweds we didn’t have a lot of disposable income for the little things. ¬†We were living in Ames, Iowa where my husband was in his Sophomore year at Iowa State University (Go Cyclones!) and despite our meager savings we purchased our first Christmas tree. ¬†I remember purchasing two boxes of colored glass ornaments and a set of wooden paint by number ornaments. ¬†After spending several hours painting each ornament, we hung them on our small tree. ¬†This Santa ornament, my first Santa, ¬†has hung on our Christmas tree every year since 1972. ¬†A simple wooden paint by number ornament has turned into one of the most precious ornaments on our tree. ¬†Merry Christmas everyone!ūüéÖ



Winter in Iowa

I have been getting a little nostalgic the past couple of days which can happen during the Christmas season.  I pulled up some photos I took the last winter we spent in Iowa and found this one of our cedar bench tucked into the tree line that our home backed up to.  On this particular day, I remember awakening to the freshly fallen snow when I opened the blinds from our bedroom window.  Deer had already left a few trails through the snow but my eyes focused on the bench.  Little of the snow had been disturbed as often the squirrels would use it to rest and eat acorns that had fallen from the abundant oak trees near by.  Stepping outside to the calm and stillness around, I enjoyed a few minutes by myself taking in the beauty around me.


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Hegner Theatre Wing

The Hegner Theatre Wing of the Florida Studio Theatre in Sarasota was built in 2012 after Richard and Betty Hegner and their Hegner Family Foundation.  The 18,000 square feet addition includes a lobby, restaurant, cabaret theater, laboratory theater and support facilities for the actors.