Monochrome Mondays



We had twin fawns resting outside our lanai a few Springs ago for hours.  I was amazed at how long the mother deer would be away from them.  I tried to get a shot of one sleeping but, the minute I opened our slider door, it popped up.  Taking the photo through the screens of the lanai added a bit of a challenge for the processing.  By converting to Monochrome, adding a slight dark vignette and using a heavy noise reduction, the image seems to take on a look of printed canvas.




Brown Pelican

Brown Pelicans can be found along almost every coastline.  When at the beach I always enjoy watching them dive bomb toward the water to catch a tasty fish.  They like to rest near docks and I captured this one after a fishing trip a while ago.  He sat very “regally” waiting patiently for our guide to toss a few tidbits in the water while cleaning our catch.