Monochrome Mondays

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For Sale

When you love taking photos of old doors and windows, this barred window in an abandoned brick building really caught my eye while traveling through Louisiana.  The building was in an extreme state of decay and looked like it had been “For Sale” for quite a long time.






Several years ago I attended a workshop on how to produce a Mandala through manipulation in Photoshop.  It was lots of fun to see the final result after shooting just one photo of an arrangement of flowers and then go through different to steps.  Converting one of my images to Monochrome really brought out all the details and textures of the flowers.


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Back in late January we took a trip to Oxford, Mississippi and one afternoon visited Rowan Oaks, the past home of William Faulkner.  We were there mid afternoon while the sun was quite bright and casting long shadows on the house and buildings near by.  I really enjoyed converting this photo taken of the shadows against the old brick barn.




We had twin fawns resting outside our lanai a few Springs ago for hours.  I was amazed at how long the mother deer would be away from them.  I tried to get a shot of one sleeping but, the minute I opened our slider door, it popped up.  Taking the photo through the screens of the lanai added a bit of a challenge for the processing.  By converting to Monochrome, adding a slight dark vignette and using a heavy noise reduction, the image seems to take on a look of printed canvas.



Brown Pelican

Brown Pelicans can be found along almost every coastline.  When at the beach I always enjoy watching them dive bomb toward the water to catch a tasty fish.  They like to rest near docks and I captured this one after a fishing trip a while ago.  He sat very “regally” waiting patiently for our guide to toss a few tidbits in the water while cleaning our catch.