Monochrome Mondays


Into The Light

The Pier at Hart’s Landing in Sarasota, FL.




Central Avenue Sarasota, Florida

I decided to revisit some photos I took in the Spring while on a LWRDPC Field Trip to downtown Sarasota.  I chose this image of Central Avenue because of the variety of leading lines.



Arched Window

I enjoy looking for unusual windows, this one caught my eye while visiting Bok Tower Gardens near Lake Wales, FL.  The gardens consist of seven lush acres complete with a Mediterranean style 20 room mansion built in the 1930’s.  The mansion was built for Charles Austin Buck, a Bethlehem Steel vice president.  The window is near the mansions entrance.  A similar shaped window can be found above in my header that was taken while touring Germany.


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The Hook

Back in August I posted a photo of starfish that I had taken while visiting Tarpon Springs, FL.  Tarpon Springs is famous for their harvesting of natural sponges.  It was fun wandering along the docks and streets taking in the local flavor that evening.  While the net filled with sponges was my point of interest in this photo, I found my eye being drawn to the lone open metal hook.





Starfish (Sea Star)

Back in May my photography group took a field trip to Tarpon Springs FL.  The Tarpon Springs area for years has been known for harvesting natural sponges. The quaint downtown has numerous gift shops that sell sponges along with other beauties from the nearby gulf waters.

A basket filled with Starfish caught my eye and when looking through my files decided to convert it to a Black and White image.  The different textures and details popped with the conversion.

Looking on line for information about Starfish I discovered scientists would prefer they be called Sea Stars.  They are not fish but are an echinoderm and are closely related to sea urchins and sand dollars.  Amazingly there are over 2000 species in the oceans.  The five-arm variety as shown is the most common, but some species have 10, 20 and 40 arms!