Monochrome Mondays



The view of David in the courtyard of The Ringling, photographed through a glass ball and then inverted through photoshop.

IMG_0039 4b&w


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The Edwards Theatre

The Edwards Theatre located in downtown Sarasota has a long and historical life since it was built 93 years ago.  A.B. Edwards who built the theatre was a strong proponent of the growth of Sarasota and served as its mayor for 2 terms.  The theatre over the years held performances by Will Rogers, the world premiere movie of Cecil D. DeMille’s “The Greatest Show on Earth” and the Rock and Roll king himself, Elvis Presley.  It currently is home to the Sarasota Opera.



Brown Pelican

Brown Pelicans can be found along almost every coastline.  When at the beach I always enjoy watching them dive bomb toward the water to catch a tasty fish.  They like to rest near docks and I captured this one after a fishing trip a while ago.  He sat very “regally” waiting patiently for our guide to toss a few tidbits in the water while cleaning our catch.


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Sanibel Island Lighthouse

Besides my home, my favorite place to be is on Sanibel Island, FL.  We have been vacationing there as a family since the late 1980’s.  One of the first things we have always looked for when crossing over the causeway from Ft. Meyers to the island is the Lighthouse.