Monochrome Mondays



Several years ago I attended a workshop on how to produce a Mandala through manipulation in Photoshop.  It was lots of fun to see the final result after shooting just one photo of an arrangement of flowers and then go through different to steps.  Converting one of my images to Monochrome really brought out all the details and textures of the flowers.





Daffodils are a seasonal flower that bloom in the Spring.  We aren’t lucky enough to have them grow here in Florida because the ground never freezes. The only way we can enjoy them is to buy them as fresh flowers or planted in pots. While looking through my files I came across this photo I took several years ago while visiting our son in Iowa.  I grew this variety while we lived there and I always enjoyed it because it didn’t look like a typical daffodil. The variety of color tones in the flowers and slender leaves provided a good subject to be converted to B&W.  This is my contribution to Leanne Coles Monochrome Madness theme “Seasons”.  Check out my post and others at




Lotus Flower

This is the second year in a row I went with some friends to visit a local park in Sarasota that has a small pond filled with beautiful large white Lotus flowers.  Last year we met the woman who had first planted them and she told us it only took a few years for the flowers to branch out and fill the pond.  We have been experiencing a drought so the pond was very low and the flowers were fewer in numbers.  Hopefully when our rainy season starts they will come to life again.  I enjoyed the morning and thought this particular photo would look nice in B&W.