Monochrome Mondays



Saturday evening we joined some friends for a delicious dinner at a new favorite Italian restaurant, Ortygia in Bradenton, FL.  Several times a month the patrons are treated to live music. We happened to be seated near them and I couldn’t resist capturing one of the musicians playing his electric guitar.




Segway to Minneapolis

Segway tours are increasing in popularity around the country.  While in Minneapolis this summer a group passed by me while I was on top of the Stone Arch Bridge capturing the skyline of downtown Minneapolis.  To see an Old Photographic Effect and history of the bridge check out my other Blog 52 Weeks with Carolyn and scroll back to week 52.


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Be Grateful

A little over a year ago, my photography group took a field trip to a small horse farm that belongs to a friend of mine.  Her property is home to three beautiful horses, a lovingly restored ranch house, a guest house, barn and small pond.  I enjoyed the afternoon capturing numerous photos of the horses and the peaceful surroundings.  Several comfortable benches and chairs were placed on the porch of the horse barn.  I can picture her placing this riding hat on the chair after a long horse ride and being grateful to call this place home.

IMG_0023 11



Ollie belongs to my daughter and her family.  He is a Vizsla, eleven years old and unfortunately starting to show his old age.  Among his golden rust hair, gray has been creeping in for several years.  When Ollie first arrived in my daughters family, he was the most active and rambunctious dog I had ever been around.  His barking could send you in search of ear plugs.  Despite his barking, through the years, I have grown to love him and a pain fills my heart to see his health decline.  I took this photo of Ollie in early June right after my granddaughter and I re-stuffed his favorite bed.  After scratching and circling it a few times he finally settled down for a comfortable rest.




My River Cruise in 2015 continues to provide me with photos I enjoy reviewing.  This image of the harpist I have gone back to several times and decided today was the day to process it.  There really was little color in the photo, a little in the harp and apple bag nearby, so I felt the image warranted a conversion to B&W.  I particularly love the pop of texture in his jacket.