Monochrome Mondays


Lightening Strike

We had a terrific lightening storm blow through our area on Friday afternoon with a strike close enough to our house to blow out the cable, phone and internet. We don’t miss the phone ringing because most of our land line calls are either from telemarketers or reminders of upcoming doctor appointments. But no TV and Internet reached epic levels of frustration when my husband couldn’t watch “The Football Game of the Year” for Iowa State and Iowa fans Saturday evening. Thank heavens one of neighbors wasn’t affected so he was able to see our beloved Iowa State Cyclones loose the big intrastate rivalry with the Iowa Hawkeyes. Well there is always next year.

I didn’t think about the fact that I wouldn’t be able to post a photo to my Monochrome Monday blog until yesterday morning. All my photos are stored on portable hard drives with access through my laptop. Not to be undone I decided to get creative and took a few photos around the house with my iPad. Converting one to Mono was simple and “Bing Bang” on to writing a new post! Thank heavens for all the satellite towers out there that keep our mobile devices working. Oh, and keep your fingers crossed we are back in full service by Tuesday evening. ūüėä



Shuttered Window

My husband and I took a European River Cruise in 2015. ¬†I really enjoyed taking photos of the old windows and doors, so don’t be surprised if a few more show up sometime in the future. ¬†This one caught my eye one day on a bus tour on the Pest side of Budapest, Hungary. ¬†It was a challenge to get this photo. ¬†I remember scooting as low as I could in my bus seat because the shuttered window was just above the cobblestone road.




I’ve had this waterfall image in my files for over 6 years taken during a trip to Teton National Park in Wyoming. The original image was shot when the sun was high over head and early in my digital photography days. ¬†I was still shooting all in auto mode and was unhappy with the final photo. ¬†The water was so blown out and the pool in front looked like a white blob. Yet, I didn’t want to delete it, looking at it reminded of a beautiful day spent hiking with my daughter, son in law and grandkids. ¬†I can still hear the water rushing down the hillside and smell the clean air with a hint of the pine as we hiked on the trail. ¬†No doubt we all have similar images in our files. ¬†I decided to see what would happen if it was converted into a Mono image. ¬†After using a preset Mono filter and manipulating some settings, the image took on a different life highlighting the details of the swirling water, various tones in the boulders¬†and fallen trees.

Jackson Hole/Yellowstone 2012 - 253