Monochrome Mondays



Florida Polytechnic University near Lakeland, Florida is one of my favorite architectural spots to visit and photograph.  I have posted several photos of the amazing structure in this blog as well as my other blog 52 Weeks with Carolyn.





Florida Polytechnic University

I went back to Florida Polytechnic University near Lakeland, FL. a few weeks ago with my photography club.  You can check out past photos with my 4th and 5th posts.  The building is remarkable and at every turn there is another great photographic opportunity.  The building is white so lends itself well to converting photos to B&W.  I took this shot catching the angle of the arches with puffy clouds in the sky.




I know its not Monday but, I have been following a blogger from Australia who has a weekly themed mono challenge published on Thursdays, her time, Wednesdays ours.  This weeks theme is Shadows.  I am excited to have this be my first photo to be included in her blog.  I am still learning all the ins and outs of blogging and I’m not sure how to add her link to my blog so you can find her at

Two weeks ago I posted a photo of The Innovation, Science & Technology building on the campus of Florida Polytechnic University.  As I noted it is an architectural photographers dream providing multiple angles and great shadows.




Florida Polytechnic University

Near Lakeland Florida, just off Interstate 4 west of Orlando, lies Florida Polytechnic University.  The largest and most magnificent space ship styled structure was designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava.  The Innovation, Science & Technology building (IST) was completed in 2014 mainly constructed from cement, steel, glass and aluminum with wood accents scattered through the inside.  The $60 million, 160,00 square foot building is an architectural photographers dream.  This shot was taken south of the building which is surrounded by water that leads to five more bodies of water, with walkways dividing them.