Monochrome Mondays


Starfish (Sea Star)

Back in May my photography group took a field trip to Tarpon Springs FL.  The Tarpon Springs area for years has been known for harvesting natural sponges. The quaint downtown has numerous gift shops that sell sponges along with other beauties from the nearby gulf waters.

A basket filled with Starfish caught my eye and when looking through my files decided to convert it to a Black and White image.  The different textures and details popped with the conversion.

Looking on line for information about Starfish I discovered scientists would prefer they be called Sea Stars.  They are not fish but are an echinoderm and are closely related to sea urchins and sand dollars.  Amazingly there are over 2000 species in the oceans.  The five-arm variety as shown is the most common, but some species have 10, 20 and 40 arms!





This photo has haunted me ever since I took it in 2015 while in Budapest, Hungary.  Our traveling group for the day had gathered in a large open area before heading into a nearby cathedral.  Out of no where this woman in old dirty clothing appeared beside me.  She never spoke,  just passed by searching the crowd with sad dark eyes, hoping for a coin or two to be dropped into an old tin cup.   As she turned away I snapped one shot of her bent over using a cane to help steady her every step.  The modern drainage system and her cane are the only signs that this photo wasn’t taken years ago.



Dinner Bell

Dinner bells have been used for centuries to notify family and field hands that dinner is ready.  I grew up with a small bell just outside our back door.  When you heard the bell ringing, even blocks away, my friends and I always took off for home.  Not only was it my dinner time but theirs as well.  This cast iron dinner bell located at our son in laws family ranch in South Dakota, is an iconic part of the ranch, just like the numerous barns, fences and house built with love by his recently deceased grandfather.




Daffodils are a seasonal flower that bloom in the Spring.  We aren’t lucky enough to have them grow here in Florida because the ground never freezes. The only way we can enjoy them is to buy them as fresh flowers or planted in pots. While looking through my files I came across this photo I took several years ago while visiting our son in Iowa.  I grew this variety while we lived there and I always enjoyed it because it didn’t look like a typical daffodil. The variety of color tones in the flowers and slender leaves provided a good subject to be converted to B&W.  This is my contribution to Leanne Coles Monochrome Madness theme “Seasons”.  Check out my post and others at





Earlier this month I travelled to Jupiter Beach, FL. with some friends to photograph a variety of local places.  One evening we gathered in a park to photograph the Jupiter Beach lighthouse.  While taking photos of the lighthouse we were entertained by two brothers who were fishing.  Using their last bit of bait they finally caught what they considered was a “keeper”.  I captured the older brother rinsing off the fish before they ran off to find their father.



Big Cat

No photos with clouds this week!  I decided to bring you instead this Big Cat.  Several months ago my photography group made a trip to the Big Cat Habitat and Gulf Coast Sanctuary, located in Sarasota.  For over 30 years this family run Sanctuary provides a safe home to Tigers, Lions, Ligers, Zebras, Bears and numerous other animals.  Our group was fortunate to have a behind the scenes photo opportunity to see some animals up close and personal.  Only a chain link fence separated us from the animals while a trainer watched over them.  I caught this Tiger enjoying a dip in cool water on a hot humid Florida afternoon.



Florida Polytechnic University

I went back to Florida Polytechnic University near Lakeland, FL. a few weeks ago with my photography club.  You can check out past photos with my 4th and 5th posts.  The building is remarkable and at every turn there is another great photographic opportunity.  The building is white so lends itself well to converting photos to B&W.  I took this shot catching the angle of the arches with puffy clouds in the sky.