Monochrome Mondays

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A walk around a ranch in South Dakota provided me with this image of a long forgotten coil of barbed wire hanging over a fencepost.  The first U.S. patent for barbed wire was issued in 1867 and quickly became an important and often disputed part of ranching cattle in the West.





I spotted this abandoned farm house last June after visiting my son in laws family who live on a ranch in South Dakota.  The wood house sat back from the road on a slight rise alone on the over grown prairie.  I noticed is was very weathered and had not seen a coat of paint for some time as we drove closer along a narrow path.  I like the simplicity of the old house but it leaves me with several unanswered questions. What happened to the family who lived here?  Did they fall on hard times and were forced to move on?  How long has the house sat empty with only the wind, rain and snow blowing through the open windows?



In The Air

A trip to Mt. Rushmore in June wasn’t complete without driving on the Needles Parkway. The 14 mile road travels through beautiful scenic areas of Custer State Park.  Along the way we made several stops so I could photograph the high granite “needles” that jut into the air.  This particular needle was a popular spot to photograph because of the visible eye of the needle.  I had hoped to capture the sun shining through the eye, but the sun was high and the crowds of people and cars passing by prohibited me from getting just the right angle.


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South Dakota Badlands

Revisiting some of my images I took back in June when I traveled to South Dakota to visit the Badlands and Mt. Rushmore.  This is my contribution to Leanne Coles Monochrome Madness viewed weekly on Thursdays Australia time or mid day on Wednesdays here in the U.S.  The first week of Novembers theme is IN THE OPEN.



Dinner Bell

Dinner bells have been used for centuries to notify family and field hands that dinner is ready.  I grew up with a small bell just outside our back door.  When you heard the bell ringing, even blocks away, my friends and I always took off for home.  Not only was it my dinner time but theirs as well.  This cast iron dinner bell located at our son in laws family ranch in South Dakota, is an iconic part of the ranch, just like the numerous barns, fences and house built with love by his recently deceased grandfather.